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All He Ever Really Wanted

He asked her out one night, after they met at a book club. She innocently said yes. So they went out on a date one Saturday night. A long talk over coffee, a long walk side by side. It had felt like an old movie, a typically old-fashioned first date. …

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Women on Top

Me and my close friend once stumbled into a serious talk about feminism, which escalated into a debate. Thankfully, a civil one. It started from a simple question, “Can a female be a good leader?”. He argued that “no, they can’t” because of their inherent limited capacity, that they tend …

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Raising a Boy in a Rape Culture

Dear Loch, You are a big kid. A powerful kid. A 6-year-old who can knock me right over. A boy who gives his Dad a run for his money. You are strong and nimble and able to use your body to get what you want…but you don’t. Instead you’re someone …

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Focusing on Boys

We all remember the boys in school who acted up. Maybe that was not just because of their characters, but because of the system. Humanitarian worker Nichola Sarvangga Valero, who went to school in both Indonesia and Australia, admits he experienced difficulties studying in his homeland. “I found it hard …

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