Our Principle

  1. Committed to Equality and Justice
    We believes that men and women have the same status and position. Therefore we refused all the forms of injustice based on sexual and gender identity. And we fully support all the affirmation strategy to create equality and to accelerate the achievement of justice.
  2. Anti-discrimination
    We refused all the forms of discrimination based on sexual and gender identity or other grounds. We will make efforts for the elimination of discrimination by campaign and advocacy.
  3. Anti-Violence Against Women
    We believes that violence against women is a violations against human rights and an act against the law. We demand a hundred percent of accountability from the perpetrators of violence. We make efforts of prevention by promoting behavioral change to all men who potential become a perpetrators of violence against women through creating new image of anti-violence for men.


  1. Violence Against Women
  2. Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
  3. Religious Interpretations that harm Women (ex. Polygamy)
  4. Fatherhood
  5. Sexuality


  1. Creating new image of men
  2. Make efforts that orientated on men’s behavior change


  1. Youth
  2. Men
  3. Male Activist
  4. Academics
  5. Religious Leader
  6. Media
  7. Public Figure
  8. Male Perpetrator


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