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The economic and social benefits of gender-equal homes

It is impossible to talk about women’s economic empowerment or gender equality in the workplace without also talking about how responsibilities are shared at home. Investing in Women’s survey of urban millennials in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia found that most women, regardless of their employment status, take on the …

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Troublesome Masculinities

An extraordinary growth in research and programming on masculinities continues to explore the ways in which to challenge male authority by redefining male identity. Given the long-standing and deeply entrenched patriarchal ideology that equates male identity with men’s authority over women, this tension would appear to be a significant obstacle …

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Revenge Porn: Same Old Sexism, New Medium

The Internet can be a hostile place—a survey by Rad Campaign, Lincoln Park Strategies and Craig Newman found that 47 percent of Americans under 35 have been abused online—but it’s more overwhelmingly so for women, who made up 57 percent of those Americans. One respondent said men she turned down …

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Do Not Be Afraid of Feminism, Join It!

Because a lot of people still have a lot of misunderstanding about feminism, it is necessary that we explain it again and again. Before explaining feminism I wish to remember and pay my tributes to all our feminist foremothers and fore-sisters on whose shoulders we stand tall. Whatever we have …

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The Turn to Men in Gender Politics

There has recently been a ‘turn to men’ in gender politics, an increasing emphasis on the roles that men can play in building gender equality. The turn to men has two overlapping dimensions. One is a shift in cultural and community discourse regarding feminism and gender. Another is the emergence …

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The Fight Against Victim Blaming

In light of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, particularly sexual violence against women on November 25, the latest most disturbing case was the rape of a five-month pregnant woman. Young girls, older women, pregnant women, differently abled women are all potential victims of sexual attacks …

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