Rachmad Hidayat

PhD candidate at Monash University. He worked with Rifka Annisa in 2009 and 2010.

Feminist Epistemology and The Search for Liberating Knowledge

This paper discusses problems in dealing with masculinized knowledge and scientific enterprises, and seeks alternative epistemological strategies in achieving liberating and un-dominated knowledge production. A general problem with “mainstream” epistemology and philosophy of science from feminist perspectives is that the well accepted concept of knowledge and scientific practices derived from …

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Muslim Men Negotiating Masculinity in Australia

This paper considers the issue of masculinity among Muslims in Australia. It focuses on Muslim men’s efforts to negotiate and maintain what is arguably the core component of their gendered religious identity: their status as the leader of the family. I intend to raise a question that has been overlooked …

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We are the Blessed Ones

Indonesia’s high rate of domestic violence against women has led to the establishment of services and networks to provide support for female victims. But very few steps have been taken to resolve the problem from the perspective of abusive husbands. Where efforts have been made, such as those of a …

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