A Journey of Transformation

The Story of Transformation is a mini documentary film that captures the portrait of a family’s journey in East Lampung that practices an equal relation within the household. This film depicts the character of Sulaiman, a father and a husband who works as a cassava seller and his wife, Indah Lestari, a kindergarten teacher. Both are respectful and substantially share the role in fostering families and taking care of their children. Sulaiman daily activities reflect his transformation of perspectives, particularly on the division of the domestic role and the bearing of children. He believes that building a family is a responsibility that is equally shared between the partners.Sulaiman supports his wife, Indah, to work and involve in the women communities in East Lampung. Caring their children and doing the domestic chores has now become part of Sulaiman’s everyday life along with his regular activities. He believes that when a man supports and shares an equal role with his partner, it will not reduce the partner’s respect for him. Sulaiman’s story shows that the male’s view towards himself and his partner can be transformed that leads to an equal relationship.

The film is presented by Rutgers WPF Indonesia as part of Prevention +

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