A Study of Men’s Movement to End Violence Against Women in Indonesia

How Far Men Can Go:
A Study of Men’s Movement to End Violence Against Women in Indonesia

The Presence of men in the movement to end violence against women and achieve gender equality has become a heated issue among activist and scholar worldwide, since on the one hand, it gives new hope for transforming the structure of dominance underpinning this violence, while on the other hand, it raises feminists concerns regarding its dilemmas and risks.
The phenomenon of men who involve in the women’s movement emerged in Indonesia in the late 1990s and became movement in early 2000. The growth of the pro-feminist movement and the concerns about the risk of this movement are the reason for writing this thesis. The main question is to what extent does the engagement of men strengthen the women’s movement for ending the men’s violence against women? To answer this question, this thesis studies the New Men’s Alliance, a national pro-feminist men’s network in Indonesia. This thesis examine three element of the Alliance: namely, ideology, structure and practices and the impact generated by the Alliance.
This thesis applies a case study and evaluation approach, which requires the development of benchmarks or frameworks as a basis for the analysis. The benchmarks comprise indicators and variables of the three elements outlined in the previous paragraph and criteria for the assessment of each indicator or category. The evaluation draws on methods and in-depth interviews. The are coded and analysed in the accordance with the categories and criteria formulated within the framework. To enrich the discussion, other themes or categories that emerge from the data also explored, although they are not formulated in the framework.

How far can men go- A study of the mens movement to end violence


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